How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks (50$/day - Guideline)

 What is TimeBucks? Let's find out about TimeBucks and how to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks in the article below

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Payment proof of TimeBucks:

If you have a Tik Tok account with thousands of followers but do not know how to make money with that account, please take some time to read this article, I will suggest how to earn you earn money with Tik Tok with Timebucks , as well as other ways to make money in this application.

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What is TimeBucks?

Timebucks is a website platform dating back to 2014, specializing in the distribution of online surveys, advertisements and many other advertising services. Users participating in Timebucks can earn money online by completing surveys, viewing ads as well as completing other tasks.

And Timebucks is currently campaigning to allow users to use their Tik Tok account to make money on Timebucks. If you have a Tik Tok account with a large following, this is a very potential job.

Sign up for a Timebucks account

First, to get started with Timebucks, you need to create an account, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Click register Timebucks account at

Step 2:  Fill in your information and click Sign Up Now:Picture 1 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Step 3:  Open the email to verify your Timebucks account.Picture 2 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Registration process is complete, you can start making money on Timebucks

How to make money on Tik Tok with Timebucks

To start making money from TimeBucks, you need to have a Tik Tok account, after registering Tik Tok, you come back and follow the instructions below.

Step 1:  Log in to Timebucks, on the toolbar click on 'EARN' as shown and select Tik Tok Picture 3 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Step 2:  Click Page Setup or Click HerePicture 4 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Step 3:  As you can see in the picture above, TimeBucks grants a 6-digit verification code, you just need to insert this code into the profile page (Bio) on Tik Tok

Step 4:  Then you go back to TimeBucks and enter your username ID on Tik Tok to complete verification. Username on TikTok you can get in the profile editing as shown below

Finally click Verify Page Setup.

And this is the Tik Tok account after linking with Timebucks.Picture 7 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Now you can upload TikTok videos to TimeBucks to make money. But first you need to note that there are 3 types of videos for you to make money on Tik Tok:

·         Duet video:  is the video played next to the video you are watching, you have the right to show your face or not, it's up to you.

·         Video upload:  This type of video is very simple, you just need to download the video provided by Timebucks, then use it to upload to your Tik Tok account.

·         Song Promotion:  Timebucks will provide songs, your job is to make videos on Tik Tok using background music provided by Timebucks.

Here are the steps to upload videos Tik Tok to make money:

Step 1:  Scroll down and select 1 of the videos that Timebucks provide.

Step 2:  See what post type is to upload appropriate videosPicture 8 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Step 3:  Click Start Campaign.

Step 4:  Read the requirements, instructions (instructions)

Step 5:  Add the verification code (4 numbers) in the caption of the video (code in Verification Code)

Step 6:  After uploading the video to Tik Tok, get the video link and paste it into the 'Past Post Link' box and click Verify Campaign.

You will then wait for Timebucks to verify, if they are correct then you can start making money with videos on Tik Tok. You can follow the Campaigns that you have done right at the Post section in Tik Tok.

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Payment Proof of tiktok:

Other ways to make money on TimeBucks

Above we have introduced how to make money exclusively for the TikToker community, but after you have a TimeBucks account, you probably need to learn other ways to make money like:

Take a survey on TimeBucks

Every day there will be quite a lot of surveys for you to perform, just take a moment to complete them and receive the corresponding amount. You can select the section Surveys to do the survey. Picture 10 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

First, you also need to update your personal information profile in order to participate in making money. To do this, click 'Click here to complete your profile'. Note that you must write 100% accurate and you will not be edited again after the update.

Then you return to Surveys, here will display a list of survey types for you to take, select the survey you want and complete it to receive money.Picture 11 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

See ads on TimeBucks

Timebucks offers 2 different types of ads: click ads to visit websites, slideshows and watch videos. After you see the full-time ad, you will receive money.Picture 12 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Register an account on the website

This task is quite easy, Timebucks launched a number of websites, and your job is to register a new account and you're done, you can go to Signups to do it.Picture 13 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Download the app

You can earn money on Timebucks by downloading apps or playing games. To do so, go to Earn >> Offerwalls. It also offers a number of online surveys, which you can do in order to receive moneyPicture 14 of How to make Tik Tok money with TimeBucks

Lucky draw

If you complete all 10 missions on a daily basis, you will receive 1 winning lottery. The highest prize value you can receive is $ 10.

Also you can find out many other forms on TimeBucks offline..

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Is TimeBucks legit?

TimeBucks has a development period of up to 6 years and it is not a profitable investment project, so it is somewhat said that the level of reputation and the ability to scam (scam) is almost none. In addition, a lot of people have earned money and have withdrawn money from the project to the wallet, see the proof of payment right below:

With Timebucks you can make money online without investing and can easily earn from $ 8 - $ 10 / day, your job is to work hard on the tasks available on Timebuck and make money, along with that. is to introduce friends, people to join and make money with Timebuck.

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