AI.Marketing Review – What is AI Marketing? Scam or Legit? Make 1000$/month 💰💲

AI Marketing Review – How to make 1000$/months - Legit

AI MARKETING       Review point


Value:                          9.6/10
Easy to USE:              10/10
Price :                          9.5/10
Support:                     10/10

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  • UP TO 30-35% /MONTH
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Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you an artificial robot ecosystem Ai.Marketing brings income 1% / day to bring total profit up to 30-35% /month. I have been investing here and have stable profits for a long time.

 Let’s find out in my AI Marketing Review below!

My payment proof : 👄💲

AI Marketing Review – Overview

CompanyWexford Alliance Limited
Company #2531493
Launch Date2017-March
Language supportEnglish, Russsia, Polski,
Italiano, Francis,....
Official WebsiteClick Here
PaymentManual (24 hours)
Minimum investment$50 or No limit
Withdrawal fee$3/time
Accept depositVisa/ Mastercard/ Maestro
USD [PM, Payeer],
Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT
Apple Pay, Yandex.Money

What is MarketBot?

Marketbot is an AI-technology of consumer behavior analysis that allows predicting future demand.

MarketBot selects promising products analyzing trends in social networks and searches queries. The team of professionals then develops and runs advertising campaigns.

As a result, you make up to 35% a month!

How Does it Work?

  1. The minimum funding amount is USD10
  2. MarketBot analyzes the markets and select trending products and services
  3. The professional team will choose the most attractive offers with maximum cashback
  4. Specialists will launch a massive region-specific advertising campaign
  5. 48 hours for moderation and earnings began

You are guaranteed to get 55% of the cashback amount of every sale!

What about the rest of the money?

The part of the remaining 45% is used to finance “the MarketBot Protect Fund”

You have nothing to lose even in case the customer refuses the purchase and the cashback is canceled! The MarketBot will cover the canceled cashback!

  • It is transparent. API accrual statistics are in your account.
  • No experience in arbitration needed. Offer selection, the launch of advertising campaigns, statistics – MarketBot does everything for you!
  • No additional risk. MarketBot Protect guarantees you compensation for canceled transactions. You will not lose a penny!

Where the money comes from?

It is simple

  • Seller pays the commission to cashback services.
  • Cashback service is ready to share the profit with those who promote sales
  • MarketBot attracts potential customers using mass advertising
  • You form advertising budget and entitled to get your share of commission

You make 1.25 to 1.35 USD of every dollar you invest in Advertising!

5 reasons to work with MarketBot:

  1. Daily income
  2. Simple and clear income model
  3. Limitless withdrawal to any bank card within 24 hours
  4. Risk assurance from “MarketBot Protect”
  5. Over 50 partners – major aggregators offering maximum cashback on goods

Your income is bigger with the Affiliate Program!

  • Invite a friend to join MarketBot sending him a USD 50 Gift Certificate
  • Your friend activates the Certificate
  • You are now entitled to a 5% commission every time your friend funds an advertising campaign

MarketBot deserves your trust. See for yourself.
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AI MARKETING is an online advertising service of the company Wexford Alliance Limited a transparent company incorporated on May 02, 2017, which operates in 3 specific areas:

  • Scientific studies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet marketing

Legit company's document :ai-marketing-about-the-company

The company is called Wexford Alliance Limited, Company # 2531493 111 Bonham Strand, MW Tower, 7 Floor, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

ai-marketing-addressYou can get lastest new from: @ai_marketing_news or  @inbnews
and aslo if you have issues can contact the admin via this mail: for additional information also via the telegram application @ai_marketing_support.

AI MARKETING combines marketing and artificial intelligence as the name suggests ^^.
More and more jobs are automating and artificial intelligence is gradually taking a place in our daily activities.

All the large companies GOOGLE, APPLE, AMAZON, ALIBABA, AIRBNB, BOOKING.COM, SKYSCANNER, UBER have evolved by the digitization of their activities.

In the same wave, AI MARKETING is positioned on the same wavelength as these large multinationals by digitizing their marketing.

AI MARKETING, Therefore, offers a way (through its MarketBot) to attract customers to all these large companies called aggregators since it works with a cashback system. These companies thus pay commissions (cashback) to AI MARKETING because they are ready to give discounts of some sort to those who promote the sales. These commissions vary from 1.5 to 15% for goods and products and from 15 to 60% for the provision of services.

Average monthly profit of 35%; although the profit is maximum!!

AI MARKETING has established partnerships with the biggest companies on the planet: Microsoft, Lacoste, Adidas, Puma, Kaspersky, Google, Apple to name a few.


AI MARKETING through its MarketBot does mass advertising, which generates sales for these companies and partners using social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Yandex, youtube, google).


Once registered, make a minimum deposit of $10 which will be used by the AI ​​MARKETING MarketBot to launch advertising campaigns for aggregators, and in return, we receive a 55% refund on each sale.


Possibility of making discount purchases with the AI ​​MARKETING MarketBot which grants you a cashback refund link on all your online purchases on partner sites according to the percentage that the aggregator pays back.


1.5% discount on your daily expenses by filling in the AI ​​MARKETING form in the offline cashback menu with the information contained on your receipt.

Once registered, there is a moderation period (latency) of 72H + or – after receipt of your deposit, and after these 72H + or -, the robot starts up. (this is the time for analyzing advertising to buy and get profit of cashback)

You can create a landing page in the “my marketing” section on the back office menu.

Payment methods: Visa / MasterCard / Maestro, Mir Card, Qiwi, Yandex Money, Alfa, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), PerfectMoney, Payeer.

The minimum deposit is $10.

It is recommended to start with $100 or $200.

Withdrawal starting at $10.

A commission of 5% is paid by the affiliate program on all deposits of your direct referrals.

AI MARKETING is not an MLM it is a project associated with INB (Info Business Network) which manages the career plan and therefore offers the affiliation part where you can go up to 15% commission on your direct with compression on 4 levels.

A patent was filed for the trademark with Hong Kong Intellectual Property on 07/22/2020.

Wexford Alliance Limited believes that its AI MARKETING online advertising service is the biggest invention in commerce after the creation of money.

It is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Let take a look

Guide Register to Account AI Marketing

Here you can register with multiple accounts but should register with first brain icon. For who register with button below will get USD50 Gift Certificate .👇

Note: Then Click to first brain icon, not G letter 🙋
because you will not get bonus and discount if you choose letter G


Fill in Information about you


Then you will get FREE $50 with AI Marketing here:


Then you names for your robot just like : baymax123. can understand this field below is your's robot name

so you can see Robot will be off when just registered

Then,The robot will operate after 3-4 days ( because of time for analyzing advertising):


You can Watch Video on Youtube here( see sub for english)

Part 1: How to register

Part 2: Explain how it work

AI MARKETING Review – How to invest and withdraw on AI Marketing

You go to the interface of AI marketing. Select Top-up and choose a transfer method including Google Pay, QIWI, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, PerfectMoney, Payeer… ( Focus payment to minimize your fee)



A commission of 5% is paid by the affiliate program on all deposits of your direct referrals.

It extends up to 15% with the BNI affiliate program on 4 levels.

You can earn career bonuses ranging from $100 to $2,000,000 depending on how much turnover you have in the network.

How Much Do You Earn From AI Marketing?

You can earn an average of 35.00% per month on ai marketing.


The minimum deposit is $10.

Withdrawal starting at $10.

You now know how to receive your winnings …

  • Minimum deposit: $10.00
  • Minimum withdrawal: $10.00

The means of payment on the ai marketing site are:

The proof with AI Marketing

AI Marketing Review – Testimonial

Why You Should Investor AI Marketing?

I quote from an article by Kevin Francois below AI Marketing with no fixed profits.

This will depend on many factors such as the cost of the advertising and its effectiveness, the number of customers to refund, the degree of prompt purchase confirmation, and others. MarketRobot has shown a return of 25 to 35% profit per month on the amount of advertising budget.

When you sign up, the site will give you a $50 coupon to test the effectiveness of the bot, when it starts its campaign it will start giving you a refund. We agree that 35% of $50 is about $17.5 in profit for your loved one. Note that it can also increase your advertising budget.

Some examples For example, if you want to “invest” $100 in your robot, it will bring you about $35 the first month. For the second month, you will have no $100 budget left but around $135 and you will therefore have about $47 in cash back.

That is the same principle as compound interest. Therefore, you have the option to either reinvest the money in the ad campaign or get your money back. As another example, you want to invest € 500 in your robot. That’s a good amount that some people can afford to pay. It will bring you around $ 175 in the first month. If you reinvest your $ 675 the next month (starting at $500 + $175 cash back), you’ll get around $236 (based on an average of 35%).

In short, you will understand in a few months the amount can be significant. This is how in our capitalist society the biggest people get richer. AI Marketing wants to bring benefits to this system for consumers


How much money I can make using the website?

The website does not have any fixed profitability. Its profitability depends on a great number of factors such as the advertising cost and its efficiency, the number of customer refunds, how fast purchases are confirmed, etc.

During a full-scale testing of the system, the MarketRobot showed profitability between 25 and 35% profit per month on the Advertising Budget amount.

How does the system work?

  1. Global Product Analysis and Promotion system analyzes trends in social media and search queries. The analysis results are used to select the keywords and trends gaining popularity regionally.

  2. Programs/products that correspond to regional trends are mainly selected since our platform is connected to cashback programs of numerous websites (over 50).

  3. The marketing team orders advertising based on the trends in a particular region using Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, social media, and other Internet platforms.

  4. After customers attracted by the advertising purchase a product or service, the Cashback Program Operator notifies us about the cashback via API and an accrual with the “Pending” status appears in your personal account.
    For more information about Cashback Operators, please refer to There you can also find information about the cashback confirmation time, the amounts, and the individual confirmation rates for each operator. The provided values are average and may vary.

  5. After the Cashback Program Operator confirms a purchase (if the customer does not request to refund or return the purchased ticket or product, for example), we receive cashback and you get 55% of the cashback amount while ai. marketing website gets 45%. Cashback confirmation time depending on the cashback program and can take from 16 to 60 days. The cashback you receive is displayed in the “Cashback” account.

  6. The 45% of the cashback received by mainly forms the company’s earnings. This funds are used to cover operating activities and to back up the MarketBot Protect fund. MarketBot Protect fund covers payments to clients when customers return of refund the product or service and the Cashback Operator cancels the payout.


  1. By the holiday season, our analysis system detects that the word combinations “last-minute tour”, “cheap ticket” and “book hotel” have become trendy.

  2. We select cashback programs from travel industry websites such as OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour, etc.

  3. We order massive advertising in the selected areas.

  4. After customers make purchases, accruals will appear on your account as “Pending” in the “Sales” section of your account.

  5. After the cashback has been confirmed by the Cashback Program Operator, money is received on the “Cashback” account and is available for withdrawal.

How shall I use the website step-by-step?

  • Funding.

First of all, you have to fund your Advertising Balance. Go to the top-up section at and fund the Advertising Balance using any means available. At present time Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether are accepted. We are working on adding Visa and MC cards payment methods.

  • Launching an Advertising Campaign

Moderation of advertising campaigns at Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, and other social media takes usually up to 48 hours. Within 48 hours, MarketBot will debit money from the advertising balance to start the advertising campaigns (you will see your Advertising Budget in the Stats section). Advertising campaigns will be launched and sales will begin after moderation is completed.

  • Accrual of Cashback

After customers attracted by the advertising, make purchases, the cashback aggregators accrue cashback and you can see in the “Sales” section with the “Pending” status. The cashback will become available after it is confirmed that the customer has not requested a return or refund. Terms of confirmation may vary from one aggregator to another. For more information about average confirmation periods, please refer to

  • MarketBot Protect

If the customer requests a return or refund the transaction is covered by MarketBot Protect Fund and you will still receive the due money. However, the money reimbursed by MarketBot Protect Fund is credited to your Advertising campaign budget, to the advertising account instead of your cashback account.

  • Withdrawal of Money.

Aggregators credit money after purchases are confirmed. After that, the money is transferred from the “Pending” to the “Cashback” account and it becomes available for withdrawal.

How can the money be withdrawn?

Go to the “Send” section and transfer your money to a cold wallet and then send it to the exchanger or use it in other way at your own discretion.

What do different accounts mean?

Cashback account is the money you have earned.

Advertising balance is the amount of your Advertising Campaign budget.

Credit account is temporarily idle funds of the Development Fund that have to be repaid after the advertising campaign is over. The profit will be accrued to your cashback account and you will be able to use it at your own discretion.

Pending is a part of the cashback account which contains the amount of remuneration for the purchases that have not been confirmed by aggregators yet.

How long will it take to make a profit after the Advertising Balance is funded?

We need 48 hours to determine the key areas and start advertising.

We cannot say how long will the Advertising campaign run for. We debit money from your account, buy advertising (views), and start an aggressive advertising campaign. The advertising resources debit money proportionally to the number of views. Nobody can say exactly how soon all the money will be spent and how fast your advertising will be viewed. The only thing we can say is that smaller amounts are spent faster while larger amounts are spent slower.

There is a tab showing the money spent on the “Stats” and the advertising campaign will work until your advertising budget is over.

How to make money on your website?

  1. The fastest method of making money is by funding your advertising balance. Then MarketRobot will order advertising and will get cashback. After confirmation of the aggregator, the cashback is transferred from “pending” status to “Cashback” account and you can withdraw it using the most convenient method.

  2. Earning without any investment. You can participate in the company’s events and accomplish tasks offered by the company.

What other products does offer? also offers a service for businesses: enhancing sales by integrating MarketBot to the client company’s website and supporting advertising campaigns using GPAP algorithms

For more information, please refer to:


This company is a pure marvel. Finally, a serious business that turns. Start the activity with us in all serenity and build yourself a stable and sustainable income. Good gain to all!

So now you can start to register here and get bonus 50$ ^^

Note: Then Click to first brain icon, not G letter 🙋
because you will not get bonus and discount if you choose letter G

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